Mommy Refreshers

Welcome toOctober    ... home to all things pumpkin, fall and, yes the 
31 day writing challenge!  I have joined in with a group of thousands of other bloggers and am going to write daily for this whole month.  

Every day I'll be putting up a post with two sections: a simple Parenting Pointer   followed by “Be Refreshed”  which is a mini-devotional to help you through your day while encouraging you to lift your eyes, your heart and your burdens to Jesus.  

My prayer for you is that you find a quick moment to join me when it fits you this month - catching up on previous posts as you can - and that you will set aside time to sit quietly, read and absorb.  If you have a place you can put your feet up and if you have your favorite fall beverage nearby, all the better.  I want this time to be refreshing enough that you can touch back to it throughout your day and draw nearer to God as you do.  I love hearing from you, so if you want to leave comments here at the end of any post or on my Facebook page, I will always answer you.

Here are the posts (I'll add a new link every day this month):

Day 1 - Being Consistent ... You Are Loved

Day 2 - Train Up Your Child ... Experiencing Forgiveness
Day 3 - I Love You This Much ... God Delights in You
Day 4 - Beating Boredom ... Uniquely You  
Day 5 - Building Confidence ... Finding Security in God 
Day 6 - Giving Children Worth ... Seeking God   
Day 7 - Hands Free Parenting ... Drawing Near
Day 8 - Making Room ... Being Diligent to Rest
Day 9 - Coming Up for Air ... I Shall Not Want  
Day 10 - In the Grip of Grace ... He Makes Me Lie Down
Day 11 - Not Another Project ... Surely Goodness will Follow Us
Day 12 - A Bit of Fresh Air ... Abide  
Day 13 - Mom, Look! ... Pruning 
Day 14 - A Healthy Balance ... He Cares for You
Day 15 - A Little R & R ... An Easy Yoke
Day 16 - Saying I'm Sorry ... Sharing the Load
Day 17 - Love Him ... A Quiet Space
Day 18 - A Welcome Mat ... Living Waters 
Day 19 - Curled Up with a Good Book .. Not So Small  
Day 20 - Taming Tantrums ... Rejoice in the Lord

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