Parenting from the Heart

Being a mom to my two boys has been the best, wildest. most stretching experience of my life.  My boys are a joy and blessing.  I truly love being their mom because I love them with that passionate-crazy-overwhelming-breath stopping love of a mother.  They give me smiles and memories and a window into life that I would never otherwise have. 

I gave birth to my first son when I was 35 years old.  We found out about a child in our extended family who needed fostering while I was pregnant so we began the process of making her a part of our family.  She came to live with us when our first son was only three months old.  Her biological mother decided to re-enter the scene, so our process of attempting to adopt her came to a screeching halt as we went through having to provide visitation and become the facilitators of our "daughter" making a reunion with her natural mother.  She was with us almost a year and then she moved back to her biological mother.  After our foster daughter left, we had a season of grief and a long period of healing.  We always wanted more children.  Seven years after our first son was born, God gave us our second son.  Our boys are such sweet brothers.

 I have made my fair share of mistakes as a mother and have grown and learned and read and researched and prayed my way through this journey.  On this page you will find posts about parenting.  I will write about my own personal experiences as well as sharing wisdom about raising children.

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Series of Posts About A Child's Emotional Needs
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A Series of Posts on Discipline Vs. Punishment
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A Series of Posts about Character Development 
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