Nurturing Your Marriage

My husband and I met in 1990 in Manhattan Beach California.  We were friends and spent time with a group of young people who hung out, skated on the strand and played beach volleyball together.  Our friendship grew and I got to know the sweet heart inside this young man.  I didn't realize I was falling in love.  We dated for seven years -- while I finished attending graduate school.  In 1997 we {finally} got married.  This is a much, much longer story ...

My husband is a gentle, loving man who has a wise mind and a good heart.  He makes me laugh in ways no one else can.  We have been through highs and lows together and weathered many storms.  When we started dating we were not following Jesus.  In the year that we were to be married we made our return to Him -- each in our own time and way.  God has made our marriage what it is today.  The posts in this section of my blog will be about keeping marriage strong.  I also will share my many regular "marriage fails" and how I am growing in learning to honor my husband as unto the Lord. 

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