Monday, March 24, 2014

Saving the Best for Last

When we finally made it to the day, that day where I became fully yours, I stood inside those french doors, looking out onto the balcony which looked over the Yacht Club Harbor.  You and that small crowd of friends and family were on the other side of those doors.  I walked myself down that aisle because the only other man who had the right or love enough to escort me to you had died when I was twelve.

I walked to you, strong and silent, standing there.  I didn't know I would feel nervous, but I did.  You waited there with the calm that is yours in every moment, save a few.  You seemed proud and way less nervous than me.  And there we said those words of vow.  We shared our hearts with eighty witnesses, reading words we had written to capture all the hopes and promises of this earthly life.

And we danced the dance which we learned in the lessons, only you wouldn't dip me which is one of my favorite memories of all, because that dance was for us and you did it your way.  I'll never forget the embrace of the whole of that group gathered around us, encircling.  They took us in and held us up in that moment.  "Feels Like Home to Me" played on while the truth of those words came to life between us.

We strolled away, arm in arm down the walkway, under sparklers held high by that same group of loved ones.  We started our journey of life together as they sent us off at the docks that night.

Now, 17 years later, we live in the long shadows of that sweet day.  We have our rhythms and our connection runs deep.  These two boys, full of life, joy and plenty of testosterone, help us remember what is precious and essential between us.  They magnify the goodness of us.

But, one thing I want you to know is this.  I'm saving the best for last.  My days are full of laundry and dishes, of hugging children who fell and setting limits to help them grow.  My time is consumed with home education and work and planning.  My heart is doled out to friends and neighbors and even strangers who have needs.  But, don't ever forget I'm saving the best for last.  When you come through those doors and I am here waiting, I don't want to serve up the dregs of my day, figuring you'll somehow fend for yourself.  I want you to feel in the innermost parts of your heart that I have saved the best for last.  And, when the boys are tucked in and the night-light is on, and we're wrapping up bills and all daily responsibilities and finally relaxing, let's both remember that we are saving the best for last.  I will remember, because in the end, you started this whole thing with the most simple and profound question a girl ever gets to hear.
On this day I still say "I do."


soulstops said...

Lovely wedding photo and thoughts about your hubby :) Congrats on your happy marriage :)

HeartsHomeward said...

Thank you, Dolly! I so appreciate you coming over to read and comment. Our marriage is very normal with ebbs and flows. I am in a season of truly appreciating the goodness even when things are not picture perfect.