Thursday, March 20, 2014

You Are Sheer Joy

JOY is you, my youngest. climbing up in bed with me before I completely wake up and snuggling all close and saying, "Mommy, I don't want to grow up to be a daddy because I always want to live with you and daddy forever and I am going to have two boys just like you."

JOY is you being silly with phrases that catch us all up into laughter and then seeing the gleam in your eye as you realize you are funny and you can make people laugh.  JOY is your laughter filling this home with life and goodness.

JOY is you sitting still in my lap on the back porch, watching butterflies and noticing birds and trying to be ever-so quiet so we don't disturb them as they land in and out of the yard and trees.  JOY is us sitting and holding one another, sharing our love of the outdoors together.  

And, you, my son, the one who is almost as tall as me and surely will pass me when summer is full and days are hot and long.  You, who still allow me to give you hugs long and strong, you almost man, but still child, you are a JOY.

JOY is watching you mature and seeing all the nuances of your personality gain depth as you grow.  Joy is discussing your thoughts and watching you process the world around you.  JOY is just sitting, reading aloud together and sharing good stories woven by great craftsmen where characters become real to us while we take up cozy spots on our couches.

JOY is hearing you play piano and watching you take off on the keys like a well tuned race car with precision and mastery.  JOY is watching you sketch and seeing you get lost in creating something you are proud to display.  JOY is hearing you explode with possibility when you catch a vision for your next great passionate endeavor.

JOY is your care for others around you and your wisdom about life which has always been way beyond your years.

JOY is waking up to motherhood, knowing I was made for this and God has redeemed much and will continue to restore and bless much more.  JOY is being able to love the moments of each day -- no matter what kind of day it is -- because they are fleeting and I want to grab them up and savor them all I can.  JOY is knowing you two are growing up loved and safe and I have something to do with that growing.  I am overwhelmed at the fact of what I can be for you.  It brings me near to tears just imagining what God has rendered in me as a gift to you.

JOY is in your presence, you silly, wild, precious boys.  JOY is watching you brother one another in the best of ways, as you snuggle or read together or go wild with your latest burst of boyhood.  JOY is knowing you will have one another as you go through life and that your first friendship is strong enough to stand the test of time.  JOY is knowing I never had to pick a favorite because who in their right mind could pick one of you over the other.

JOY is US - our family, a gift from God as we live out our love for Him together.  

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Cindy Winter-Hartley said...

I am the mom of three sons. Of course your post spoke to my heart! I especially LOVE how you used "brother" as a verb! I'm pretty sure I'm stealing that idea! It's obvious you adore your boys! Thanks for sharing!

Love in Christ,

Cindy your "neighbor" at Five Minute Friday

HeartsHomeward said...

Thank you, Cindy! I love playing with words and I am so glad you enjoyed the "brother" verb. I was surprised when it came out -- which is what I love about our five-minute prompts. I write so differently when I write with the FMF community. It is like dessert for my week to go there and see what the prompt will be and then just go with it. I am so glad you came by and shared your thoughts. Boys are wonderful. I never had brothers, my father died when I was 12, so this whole world of testosterone is a new universe to me in many ways, but I wouldn't have it any other way now, as you know.