Courageous Writing

We all have a story to tell.  I have a few.  My journey has been speckled with pain and trauma.  God has redeemed much, restored and brought beauty from ashes.  There are pioneers in every endeavor.  Bonnie Gray, Elizabeth Esther and Loretta Stembridge are some of my dear heroes.  They pave the way for writers like me to step out and share our journey as they encourages us to write from the heart.

Bonnie has had the greatest influence on me as she has created a community fueled by her honest sharing about recovery from anxiety and panic.  She posts her prompts one week in advance on a Thursday and we link our posts with her the following Thursday.  You are welcome to join her too.

The posts I link to Faith Jam are usually my most vulnerable and transparent posts about difficulties I have faced and the way God has moved to help me heal from these experiences.  I write so that I may bless others who are hurting and need hope.  I write because it reveals the love of God as He has shown it to me. 
The following are my posts for what she calls "Whitespace Thursdays":

My Story ... We All Have One or Two ...
Behind the Picket Fence
A String of Pearls (Gratitude)
Slowing and Fasting
Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
He Calls Me Beloved
Reclaiming What Was Lost - The Little Girl In Me
Giving Myself Permission to Experience the Miracle
Giving Thanks and Coming Home for the Holidays
Be Yourself

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