Monday, January 18, 2016

A Big Move - and a Giveaway!

I started blogging two and a half years ago in response to a one-word writing prompt put out by a blogger I followed at the time.  I have always loved writing.  Blogging became a fun way to write and connect with others while allowing me a way to bless people in the areas of parenting, spiritual growth and home education.  Beyond that, I learned new skills and met some really amazing fellow bloggers.  This past year, I stopped blogging in April.  Just. Like. That.  My family went through an unforeseen crisis and I needed to withdraw from social media almost completely to be fully present in real life.  We're out of that woods now.  

The start of a new year seemed like a good time to reenter blogging.  Since I've been out of sight for a while, I figured it was a great time to relocate and revamp the blog - something I've wanted to do for some time.  

Fresh start.  Fresh look.  New location.  Refined Vision.

I'm excited for Hearts Homeward this coming year!

To read the rest of this post and find me at my new home on the web, come on over to  I'm giving away gifts as a part of my blogwarming today, Wednesday and Friday.  I've written a welcome post to help you find your way around the site and get familiar so you can access spiritual encouragement, parenting help and other goodies like my "Book List for Boys" as well as Home Education ideas and inspiration ... come on over, you are always welcome.  

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