Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Because Some Things Bear Repeating

There is this sweet older woman at my church.  She has raised six children and, though outwardly she walks with a walker, inwardly she runs with the Spirit.  She once told me something I had never heard before.  It bears repeating.  She said, as though everyone knows these things, “God says some form of ‘Fear Not’ or ‘Be Anxious in Nothing,’ 365 times in His Word.  That’s once for every day.” 

Now I’m not much for contrived uses of scripture, like when someone refers to half a verse and it ends up totally out of context.  But this – this 365 – one for every day, it grabs me and reveals God’s heart.  Our God is in the details.  He wants to assure us each and every day that we need not fear.  And even if the number is a coincidence, it is sure that He echoed His loving will for us in this: Fear Not.  

So I started thinking about why we need this reminder and all the ways we are like skittish sheep, unable to settle even though our Shepherd assures us we need not be anxious.  Like sheep, we lose sight of Him and we feel vulnerable and exposed.  Under the surface we know we are weak and lack the ability to provide our own needs and protection.  ...

Today I am blessed to be included as a guest writer at Adelle Gabrielson's blog.  Come be encouraged as you read the rest of the story here ...  ... and for those of you waiting for my next post in our series on parenting, please come back Friday.  

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