Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Come Away, Eat and Rest

Life has its rhythms and growth has its seasons.

Jesus knows our needs and He knows when to send us out, when to call us back and when to give us rest.  I have been going through a study with a friend of mine called, “A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23.”  The study came to us in such a serendipitous way that we just knew it was from the Lord.  We found an unrelated, but great companion study called, “The 23rd Psalm, the Lord Our Shepherd.”  These two studies have been leading me to look with new eyes at a very familiar section of Scripture.  As Christians, we can get so inoculated and familiar with a passage that we sometimes miss what God has for us in His Word.  I can recite the 23rd Psalm, but I am not sure I ever let it have its way with me as I am doing now.

One thing that struck me as we read through the first few verses was this: 

He makes me lie down in green pastures. 

He makes me lie down.  He makes me.  He has to make me because on my own, I am like a sheep: restless, nibbling away from my Shepherd, unable to settle.  But, He is a Good Shepherd and He knows that He will have to make me lie down in green pastures.  

... Today I am blessed to be joining my friend, Barbie, as a guest writer at her blog   
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Barbie said...

Thank you friend! Your post was such wonderful encouragement for my heart!

HeartsHomeward said...

Barbie, Thank you! I was blessed to partner with you in this. It stretches me as a writer and you gave me the gift of being able to write for people who otherwise might not "find" me. So glad for our growing friendship.