Friday, February 7, 2014


The Word become flesh and dwelt among us.
He calls His message the Word.
He has given us each words -- words to express our hearts, our lives, words to encourage, words to share His love.

I write.

I write from the heart and I bear my heart and soul on paper every single week in hopes that through these words I reach another and they are touched -- by words.
Writers.  We expose ourselves and we reach out, holding a fragment of our very self out for others to partake.  This vulnerable, creative, stooping to bless is an echo of the Great Author who Himself stoops to write His love upon each heart if we will allow Him to enter and compose.

The life we live is our poem -- our prose -- our story.

Lord, write on me the desires of Your heart.  If I can be so bold, write on me, draw out the very image of your Son so that I may reflect Your story in my own.  Write on me so that I may be a book of life for others to read and come to You. 

Linking up with Five Minute Friday for our prompt this week: "Write."  Lisa Jo gives us a word, we write, unedited for five minutes and post {as is} and then we turn around and encourage one another.  Join us here.  

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HeartsHomeward said...

Thank you, Andee! Your words are so kind. I'm so glad you stopped by.