Friday, January 31, 2014

Everyday Heroes

We see them and we could just miss them if we don't look closely enough.
They aren't wearing a uniform or a badge.  They rarely get the medals or prizes.
These heroes are quietly winning wars every day and battling through the nitty-gritty business of life.

I have seen you and I know what you sacrifice.
You get up, day after day and go to the hospital to visit your sick loved one.  You pray, hoping against hope, that somehow tides will turn.  You walk, faithful, knowing you carry more than the lion's share these days.
You are a hero.

I have seen you and I know your heart.
You rise up and provide Cheerios and lunches; hugs and kisses; clean laundry and {usually} clean floors.
You know each child inside and out and, oh, you love those children.
You give your figure, your finances, your fantasies so that these little ones can have a place to call home.
You are a hero.

I have seen you and I know your passion.
You go into the inner city where people are shunned and thought of as less than.
You touch people who long to be seen.  You believe they can grow and receive and be healed.
You spend time when you could be by your pool, or shopping or reading.
You serve them by giving your heart and your time.
You are a hero.

I have seen you and I know your love.
You bend the knee for any need you hear.  You spend hours in your life on behalf of others, bending the ear of the Father.  You take those burdens as your own.  You cry out for the needs of others because you are a prayer warrior and your heart beats like His.
You are a hero.

You are a hero and I honor you here today.

Joyfully linking up with LisaJo Baker for Five-Minute-Friday where she gives us one word and we have five minutes to write without editing and post in encouraging community.  Join us here.  Today's word was "hero." 


Linda Keller Taggart said...

My 6 year old son found some missing Lego pieces yesterday and was bummed that he didn't receive a reward. But the true heroes, as you point out here, don't receive earthly medals! Thanks!

HeartsHomeward said...

At that age, it sure can be hard to get the fact that we don't get medals. We just celebrate the little heroes in other ways :) Big hugs and a way-to-go! Thanks for sharing and for popping by, Linda.

Leah Beecher said...

I feel like printing this off, folding it up into a tiny square and sticking it in an out of the way place, to read on those days that I need a cheer up of truth. Honestly, your paragraphs felt as if they were written for me. You obviously have a real gift of encouragement that comes from a deep real faith and obedience to the The Spirit's prompting. And people like that are Heroes! I noticed too your Charlotte Mason topic. I love her, and have been using her approach these last four months, for my first time ever homeschooling. Will be sure to stop by here again.

HeartsHomeward said...

Leah, I am sooo glad you came by. Thank you for your encouragement! I have a whole section on parenting in one tab up there and under that you will find posts on Home Education. I think you'd like the posts "Lighting a Fire" and "Education is an Atmosphere." I hope we can connect again about Charlotte Mason. I am currently about to write a series on "Discipline vs. Punishment" and then I may do some more CM posts. My parenting posts usually come out on Wednesdays. Thanks again, and God bless you.