Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sweet Surprises ...

You know those days when you plan something in advance and then when the day finally comes ... it's rained out! Well, we planned this free trip to Legoland (thanks, Laurel!) and it turns out that the entire state was getting a rainfall today. California. Rained out. We did the right thing and stopped packing last night. We'll just have a day at home ... catch up on a few things; relax; Jon and Jor can go skating ... stuff like that.

Well, we got this wild hair and thought we'd go ahead and go on an adventure. After sleeping in and getting a late start we thought, "what can it hurt to go down to San Diego anyway. We don't want to forfeit our hotel room afterall." We fared a stop and go trip through LA traffic the weekend before Christmas and almost lost our seasonal cheer along the way.

Got to Legoland at 3pm. It closes at 5pm. Are we crazy? We drove from 10:30a - 3:00p to spend two hours at Legoland! Hang in there. It turned out to be GREAT! There were no lines. Really? You mean we were the only crazies who decided to go to Legoland in the rain? Yep ... well, almost. But, guess what? There was not even a drop of rain! We had a blast. Rode more rides than usual and ran around like a bunch of kids (okay, half our family ARE kids) on the huge playset and then went to TGIFridays for a YUMMY supper ... now all are tucked in at the Hampton Carlsbad. And, BONUS ... we get to go to Legoland Sea Thingy (not the real name) tomorrow for two hours before we head back to LA for the family Christmas party.

Isn't God sweet. He is anyway ... even when He doesn't give special family get-away weekends. I mean, He's sweet when times like my dear friends have been going through hit ... in times of cancer, chrons disease, losses of jobs. He's just plain sweet. I just want to end tonight looking at all the sleeping faces of my three favorite guys and thanking God for all His goodness.

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